Thanks for checking out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Here we hope to answer most of your questions, to save you the time of having to ask. Of course, if you do not find your questions answered you can always Contact Us.

How long you have been in business?

Columbus Bully Cartel has been in business for 4 years now.

Do all your puppies have papers?

Yes, all of our puppies are ABKC or UKC registered.

Will you sell pups without papers for cheaper?

Yes, we will. With our "Pet Home Contract"you can purchase a puppy with no papers for half price. However, under the "Pet Home Contract" puppies must be spayed or neutered when age appropriate.

Does Columbus Bully Cartel, take care of the initial shots?

Yes, we will take care of all initial shots. We also deworm all puppies before they are sold.

How much do your puppies cost?

Our puppies cost between $1,500.00 and $5,000.00.

How many litters have you produced?

Columbus Bully Cartel has produced 4 litters of puppies,  since 2012.

Do you breed dogs to fight?

No!!! Columbus Bully Cartel DOES Not Breed dogs to Fight. We Never have, and Never will Condone the Fighting of Any Animal!!!!!

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